Solutions to Heal Low Productivity at Work

Many things can make you less productive at work. Boredom, personal problems, body aches, and cold weather could lead to laziness, and you no longer eager to do anything. However, productivity must be maintained. Moreover, if you are a boss who must exemplify subordinates, therefore, if you are feeling unproductive, try doing the following things to overcome it.

Wake up earlier

The activities you do in starting the day will determine your productivity throughout the day. For that, pay attention to your habits in the morning. Try always to get up early. Don’t sleep too late so that your body stays fit when you wake up in the morning. After waking up, take the time to exercise briefly. It will freshen your mind and wake physical health.

Make a Priority List

Low productivity occurs because you don’t make a priority list. It would help if you made it, so you …

Goodbye Scars, Now I’m More Confident

Women in the modern era pay more attention to appearance compared to women in ancient times. Cosmetic products and body care are also increasingly diverse. Unwittingly, women increasingly compete to look beautiful and attractive. In real life, women have scars, and it reduces the level of self-confidence of women. Scars can be caused by various things including burns, acne scars, post-operative wounds, stretch marks in pregnant women or keloid scars that are difficult to remove. In addition to reducing self-confidence, the scars also causes a woman’s appearance to be disrupted, not free to wear clothes and feel unconfident in public. Feeling inferior can get worse when they met other people who are doing body shamming and giving comments directly on the wound.

Various methods are used to disguise the scars, one of which is the use of cosmetics which aims to hide the scars, but the method is not permanent …