An adult retaking a course or an entire study year approaches education differently compared to a younger student. An adult’s studying process is frequently more stressful and on a tighter schedule due to part-time work and study. However, most adults returning to school are more knowledgeable about their weaknesses and strengths compared to others.

Why is it Hard for Adults to Retake Studies?

Unlike the younger generations in school, the adult or the more mature citizens struggle with returning to school. The coping mechanism favours the younger students majorly. However, this part of the post will highlight some reasons school returns for adults prove difficult.


Most adult students retaking their studies are into jobs that require their time. Often, their jobs might take 10 – 12 hours of the day, leaving them with a few hours for rest and studies.


Some adults, mothers or fathers, have children and other persons to care for; this often messes up the idea of returning to school, creating disputes in their minds.


Unlike the teens and youths, adults are more prone to having mood swings while in classes. They tend to bring negative emotions to lecture halls, which eventually affects the entire study process. For this reason, some adult students find returning hard.

Tips for Adults Retaking Studies

Retaking studies at an older age can be challenging. Sometimes, most adults tend to shy away from schooling again because of several personal reasons. However, here are some tips beneficial to all adult learners.

Challenge Yourself

Always keep a positive mind on things such as this, especially as an adult learner. Do not shy away from supposedly difficult situations like late-schooling. The teachers and department heads are always there as a guide for you.

Learn Through Online Classes

You must understand that learning through classes might not be enough sometimes and other times convenient. Taking online can help you to learn at your own pace and in a less intimidating environment. It also gives you access to more topic options and an expert instructor. For example, online courses like those at Shaw Academy have proven to be more suitable for adult learners engrossed in their various jobs. For most people in doubt, reading reviews about Shaw Academy can help you understand why such online courses are right for you as an adult.


Balancing your work and family life with study activities will be hectic. It would be best to have a properly designed schedule for reading, taking classes, and coping with your regular personal life affairs. If possible, get someone to help you create the perfect plan. This is another area where an online education platform can help as it offers more flexibility. You can study in the comfort of your bedroom, in the office, at the café, or in your gym. For an adult who has children to care for, you can comfortably study in your home while cooking in the kitchen or changing your child’s diapers. To choose an online course that’s suitable for you, you can read reviews about online academiesto get more information.

Move Fast

Perhaps back in your earlier days in school, you were the type of student to wait for the teachers to introduce every topic. This time, ensure you are a topic ahead – reading further with understanding. Chase topics that interest you to go beyond the syllabus and ask questions when necessary.

Meet Fellow Students

You might be older than the rest of your class, but you need to socialize with them (it builds your knowledge). Your fellow students will have notes or ideas on specific areas you might be unfamiliar with, which can help you. Group learning and discussion have proven to reduce anxiety and stress. Online courses also allow you to have virtual group meetings, chat rooms, or communication via email. This can help to foster a good learning environment for you and help in achieving your goals.

Stay Strategic

A lot of students spend more time studying hard than smart. It would be best if you learned how to maximize your school time by assimilating the important notes and information gotten (online and offline). Your approach to studies should be straightforward to filter the unneeded data from the useful ones.

Retaking studies as an adult is never a comfortable journey. However, a majority of the time, it is one of the best decisions taken by adults. If you have thought about going back to school for studies as an adult, use the stated tips. They will guide you on how to make your learning process easier and smoother.