higher education jobsRemember the times when dads went off to work while moms stayed home looking after the children and the home? And to all those who have gained degrees and used them wisely to obtain jobs in related fields where the degrees mean they can do their jobs much better than those without degrees, and who are genuinely intelligent and deserve their qualifications, that’s fantastic and is surely why degrees were developed.

This is why a college degree will boost earnings by over 20{37cb68deedc28952cf539b2883fab1aeebe007ed2a99fb6afad134f549a43498} in sub-saharan Africa ( where degrees are relatively rare ), but only 9{37cb68deedc28952cf539b2883fab1aeebe007ed2a99fb6afad134f549a43498} in Scandinavia ( where 40{37cb68deedc28952cf539b2883fab1aeebe007ed2a99fb6afad134f549a43498} of adults have degrees ). At the same time, as university qualifications become more commonplace, recruiters and employers will increasingly demand them, regardless of whether they are actually required for a specific job.

Whether its people taking a break from their jobs or switching careers and resuming their education or those adults who are returning to complete an education that was left unfinished the first time around, schools now offer special online and accelerated courses as well.

Happily, with the rising cost of maintaining physical classrooms, it is reasonable to think that every community college, state-funded college and university is or will be soon making the offer of an online education to its student body, and just as happily this situation means that every school with a web site is a potential application portal for online adjuncts seeking online college faculty positions, and it can be safely assumed that every institution of higher learning now has a web site containing an application page.

In this nationwide attempt to show equality to all and allow more and more people the right to a University education, we are allowing people to take degree courses who have no intention of using the knowledge afterwards and probably just didn’t know what to do after school.