If you are an Android user sure you may have Google Play Store with you. But are you fully satisfy with the Google Play Store? If not here is the best alternative app store for you. That is Aptoide App Store.

Sometimes with the Google Play Store you cannot find some apps that you need to try. Or sometimes the app you need is costly. In such occasions you can use this fantastic app store the Aptoide.

What is Aptoide?

As mentioned already Aptoide is an alternative app store for the Google Play Store. It is more enormous app store than even the Google Play Store. This is just similar to your Google Play Store. But it is open-source store.

The app is user-friendly with an instinctive User-Interface. The app store is easy to use and follow. This is a free App Store and anyone can have access to the store to perform several tasks. We will see what we can do here below. This remains as the third biggest App Store which consists of tons of Apps for your Androids.

What Aptoide offers you?

Now you know that Aptoide is an App store. In there you can find any app you need. The apps not included in the Google Play Store are here.

The paid versions of some apps which are available in the Google Play Store is available here. But these are not the original apps. A copy of the original app can find here.

If you are an app developer then you can upload your apps in here for free. Without any charge. You can share your creations with all the Aptoide users all over the world. Can show your creativity to all unlike AC Market.

As well this allows anyone to create their favorite app store. Inside the main app store, you can develop your own app store. Amazing!! Isn’t it? The app store stores some minute app stores inside.

Unlike the Google Play Store when downloading apps only the apk files of the app get download. Then, you have to install it separately. But in the Google Play Store the app gets install automatically.

There is another heart catching feature binds with the App Store. If you are interest with the previous version of an app or if you are not satisfying with the upgraded version, then you can downgrade it very easily to the previous version. This is a cool feature which is not available there with the Google Play Store. There are best alternative app stores for Android TV boxes too. Main and popular one if Aptoide TV. But Filelinked became much more popular among Android TV users. Because any one can share apps and games via Filelinked.

But there are some drawbacks also bundle with this App Store together with loads of benefits.

Some of the drawbacks can state as follows:

Firstly, as this is an open source App Store where anyone can come and go there are some illegal apps included here. So, there is a problem related with the security of the App. There should be many scam apps that include here with malware. Hence, the user should be very wise in using this App Store.

The App Store contains many apps suitable for adults than in the Google Play Store. But the App Store provides opportunity to distinguish between the scam app and legal apps.  Therefore, if you are a careful and a wise person with a knowledge about this modern technology then you can use this App Store freely.

Installing many apps and games may slow down and loose storage space. You can use free cleaning tools like Clean Master to get rid of junk and unwanted files easily to free up storage.

Aptoid for PC Download

Now you can enjoy your favorite apps like Aptoid on your windows or mac PC with Nox player android emulator. Nox player is the best free android emulator available for windows and Mac. You can download Nox player emulator for free from the official website. It is a freeware, so everyone can download it and install it for free. After that you can download aptoid app to you pc through Nox player emulator.