Well, this is a theme that eagerly awaited by parents but also often complained by parents. “Why my child does not enjoy learning, they’re just playing all day.”

Readers, do you believe that the nature of humans is to become a learner? We often give unpleasant treatment when children trying to learn (unconsciously), even in the past we may give them wrong stimulation so learning is not fun.

For example, while our children are infants and 1 year old. He wants to put all the things he can hold in his mouth, right? Well, what most people do at that time is say “it’s dirty, don’t do it” while pulling the item. This is the basic behavior of learning in children

Then when they start to walk, they want to know more about the environment, the more restrictions given by parents or the babysitter. Such things happened probably because adults are tired looking after children all day, so we create many restrictions towards our children. Through this, their desire to know (learn) more now becomes empty.

From the example above, who makes children lazy to learn? Us.

Here are tips on how to make our children diligent and easy to learn and enjoy school

1. Ask their teacher to say that your child is great and extraordinary. Sincere praise is more important than teaching the techniques of counting and memorizing fast. If you are looking for a professional teacher who will guide your child to have a good learning character, choose Brighton College, the British School Bangkok.

2. When going home from school ask your children, “Hi dear, what is fun today at school?” The child’s brain will automatically look for fun things at school and this will indirectly tell the child that a school is a pleasant place.

3. When your children want to sleep, say “More and more days, learning is more fun”, “Just like playing, learning is also very fun”, “It’s easy for you to learn (counting, memorizing, etc.)”

4. If our child are under 10 and still likes to read a fairy tale, read a fairy tale with positioning your child in your lap (this is a comfortable position, and makes it easy for us parents to give a kiss of love or a hug affection) so that the child associates reading a book with love from parents and books will become pleasant thing for them.