If you work in higher education, you are probably already a pretty successful person, and have some pretty good ideas about where you want to go in life. Moreover with the online degrees gaining popularity, efforts are made to make it more appealing and now there are financial aids, scholarships and grants being offered to attract more students. In addition to transferable skills such as problem-solving and project management, knowledge of research funding, research policy and university structures and experience of academic culture will be invaluable.

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You don’t need a specific teaching qualification to become a lecturer in HE. However, you may be able to gain valuable experience of teaching students while studying for your PhD, perhaps as a graduate teaching assistant. From an accreditation perspective, colleges need to prove placement as an end result of student success.

Many researchers are focused on their research activities, but if you want to succeed in an academic career, you also need to build a portfolio of teaching experience. Growth is expected because of increasing student enrollment in colleges and universities. The irony of our school system is that all the way through high school, students are constantly told “keep your eyes on your own paper”, “don’t ask your neighbor for the answer”, and “no talking during the test”.

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