Many young people look forward to getting out of school and think that they will never even have any desire to go back. Some states require all the credits to come from an accredited place of learning and some don’t. Learning new things is a great way to improve yourself and occupy your time with things that you love. Or, you could earn a promotion with a pay increase after you complete your continuing education program.

Ongoing training for dental professionals is so important that most states require that dentists and hygienists complete a certain number of dental continuing education activities each year in order to remain licensed to practice. This term “continuing education” describes the opportunity and process of learning new skills and acquiring knowledge that is far superior to what we are taught during our formal schooling years.

Our Community programs offer lifelong learning through a wide range of personal and professional enrichment courses. Our programs are well recognized and respected across the province and focus on the specific knowledge and skills you need to land your dream job or further your career.

This includes courses you do online or through home study as well as college courses, as long as they are of a sufficiently advanced level and a topic relevant to patient care. Discover all the options available for earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to renew your certification(s) and select the path that best meets your needs.

Although many industries have begun to offer online learning for continuing education and license renewals, there is probably no industry that will be more appreciative of the flexibility of online learning than cosmetology. Curriculum Development – The Center can assist with designing a learning experience for adult learners.