education newsStudents interested in communication through websites, newspapers, news stations, radio stations, and other media sources have a large number of options to choose from when considering online study. The new You Lead Idaho competition aims to help rural students pursue secondary education, and learn about business at the same time. Their needs are met through the Esoteric Needs section of the educational product catalogue. Among the keys to the school’s success are its focus on small class sizes, which fosters better teacher-student relationships, and flexible lesson-planning.

Their needs are met through the Leadership Skills section of the educational product catalogue. As a result the cost for students to attend universities has gone up as well, leading to a change in the way loans and grants are distributed and in what news

More than ever, societal issues are impacting our students and their search for a meaningful and productive life. Students will learn how to convey messages through writing by using the latest software programs and equipment in the workplace. Schools can be odd institutions, with odd ways of operating, and often employing odd people.

With only a few days until showtime, the youngest featured vocalists in this year’s Schools Spectacular can’t wait for you to sing and dance along. Students from 25 Hastings-Macleay region schools have displayed plans to support the local Lions Club’s Koala Smart conservation project.

Victorian taxpayers are funding a school so small it has more staff than students after dozens of children left following allegations of bullying. Sandra Okita, an associate professor at Teachers College, talked about how AI could be used to detect over time why certain groups of learners are succeeding or failing.