This year has been a long tough experience for parents and kids alike. Schools have been shut down for most of the year and parents have had to look for other school alternatives to try and keep their kids occupied during these difficult times.

Parents have to be creative in making sure their kids’ brains are well stimulated with educational shows, magazines, etc. If your kid is an animal lover then read about National Geographic Kids Magazine, it is educational and fun for kids.

Do our Kids Need School Materials?

The simple answer is yes. Remember when you were a kid and the happiness you felt when you received a new pack of crayons or a set of gel pens. You couldn’t wait until the next day to try them at school.

School materials are essential for kids and adequate learning can’t be possible without them. For kids from low-income households, owning important school materials can really help in paving the way to a brighter future.

Sending kids to school without adequate learning materials can hinder learning in many ways. For example, some kids might be ashamed and feel like they don’t belong, while others may be embarrassed to borrow things like a pencil or paper on a daily basis.

Kids feeling the stress of being different and left out can lose focus easily, being prepared with the right learning materials keeps kids excited and motivated.

Are our Kids Expected to Get Back to School?

Kids have been off school since March and there have been a lot of things which have already been missed, like the end of year examination. The reopening of schools has been called both a “Moral duty”  and a “National priority”.

So, yes kids are expected to resume school once they reopen this month. However, parents are concerned with the safety of their children. There have been some safety measures put in place to make schools safe for the kids.

Teachers are required to make student’s contact with each other very minimal by keeping different classes apart in social bubbles. It’s each school’s responsibility to make sure hand-washing policies are followed strictly by both staff and students.

Schools are to ensure cleaning procedures are drastically improved and also contact the NHS test if the need should arise. All these safety procedures are going to be implemented in order to protect the millions of students that will be resuming this month.

Kids are the leaders of tomorrow, even a single pack of pencils and paper could just make a difference in the life of a child and propel them to a promising successful career. For this success to happen, kids have to go to school.

With the uncertainty of the world right now, making sure that the future leaders of the world are educated should be a major priority. Safety features have been put in place and parents have to trust those features so that can get the knowledge they deserve.