the culinary business is growing rapidly. From food to drink hits, everything is there. In various areas, especially big cities, this culinary business makes people confused about which one to choose.

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tips for maintaining a culinary business

Maybe you also think that business in the culinary field has the potential to generate abundant profits. Moreover, there is a saying that if you do business related to the stomach or food and drink, it will definitely sell well. But make no mistake, doing this business also has its own challenges.

Causes of Culinary Business Prone to Bankruptcy

Maybe you’ve seen a newly opened shop, cafe, or restaurant, at first it looks like it’s still full of visitors. However, as soon as half a year entered, this culinary business began to be quiet. Over time, their purchasing power decreased until they had to be permanently closed.

Of course, many foodpreneurs experience this. The culinary business that is currently being undertaken is not developing, there is less income to buy food ingredients, let alone pay employees. Not to mention the stiff competition from other business people.

If asked about the cause, all kinds. Most vulnerable if you try a culinary business that is trending. The trends take turns, for example milo ice cream where its existence only lasts a matter of months. It could also be because the location is “far from civilization”, aka not strategic, or lack of promotion.

Tips for Maintaining Culinary Business

Running a culinary business cannot just be a bandwagon or a good job. We also have to understand very well how to maintain it in the long term. If possible, pass it down to posterity.

In order for the culinary business that you are going to be or are currently doing, CekAja has summarized some powerful tips for you. Let’s peek!

1. Be serious and consistent

When you wanted to start a culinary business, what was your intention? Have a big advantage? Have branches everywhere? Or is there another intention? If that’s all you think about, then get ready your culinary business will sink.

This is because you are too oriented towards the end result or the final success. You haven’t paid attention to the process to get to that success. The reason is, success or success is a point that you might not expect when running a business.

Therefore, the intention that you must think about when starting a culinary business is how the business you are in will last now, for years to come, so that it can be passed on to your children and grandchildren later.

2. Proximity to employees

If you already have strong intentions, then what you have to do is have good management management, especially with human resources or employees who work in your business. Create a family closeness with them. That way, your employees or employees will feel enthusiastic about working and have a good team work. This will greatly affect the business you are in.

Indeed, employees or employees can alternate. However, this right will actually make the team work that has been built back to the beginning. Moreover, this new kid must adapt to the existing environment. Some can be fast, some are old, some cannot even at all. So, the team work will be shaky again.

Team work with these employees is very important. Because, what they do will benefit your business. If not, don’t be surprised if your business doesn’t grow. Employees will even work reluctantly, because they do not create kinship.

For that, family closeness is very important. Employees will feel that you as a business owner are a leader, not a boss. So, they are happy to work their best day to help your culinary business progress and develop.

3. Quality of taste of food

The main strength of the culinary business is the taste of the food and beverages served. You must have a distinctive taste and be different from other restaurants. So, people will increasingly come to your place.

Also, you must be able to maintain the consistency of the taste and quality of the dishes from day to day. This is very important to retain and keep consumers from running to other competing restaurants that also serve the same menu.

Maybe this feels difficult, especially if the chefs keep changing. Because the problem will taste different if the chef is different, even if the recipe is the same. For this reason, as explained earlier, if you can have a close relationship with your family, then your chef or chef will survive and maintain the quality of your cooking.

4. Strengthen innovation

In this fast developing world, innovation indispensable for a progress. If you can’t innovate, be prepared to be left behind and left behind. The same is true in the culinary business world. You also have to innovate in order to adapt.

Innovations are made not only in terms of taste, but also in the approach to guests or consumers. You must have the sensitivity to read the situation and condition of the consumer. One of them is to take advantage of the development of the internet and technology. Even though you are opening a traditional culinary business, don’t let you be stiff with conventional restaurant business patterns.

Those are some tips that you can do to maintain your culinary business. Maintaining is difficult compared to starting. However, this is not impossible if you are willing and serious about your business.