educational gamesI hear this question a lot from parents. Learning geometry is difficult for most children since they are unable to visualize the abstract concepts. This new educational video series includes fun and affordable games for parents of elementary students to play at home with their children. Not only will you find games that teach kids about math and money, but there are other fun, entertaining computer games out there too.

Choose One is not particularly educational in traditional senses, but is an excellent social skills game, as well as a great way for English Language Learners to make new friends while learning new vocabulary. Let’s look at some of the concepts that are reinforced by playing games.

For Preschoolers: Kids in this age group love the Goodnight Moon Game and The Very Hungry Caterpillar Game. But educational games for kids come in all shapes and sizes as our 3D Leaps and Ledges and the ever challenging Staxis game will prove. Some of the games can be played by kindergarteners, others are strategy games that can take years of study and strong critical thinking skills to master.

Such customised games would require extensive investment both in time and money, from the schools. Games also provide us the best use of leisure time. There are varieties of titles to choose from ranging from simulation games to role play games. You must know that different education and learning techniques can develop your child into a more smart and intelligent person.

Learning number shapes gets a fun makeover in this matching card game. Kids love games and if we can make learning a play for them, they are sure going to enjoy the learning journey. Funbrain offers more than 100 fun, interactive games that develop skills in math, reading, and literacy.educational games