educational gamesIt is evident that children can easily learn different languages. If you have a child, it’s almost guaranteed that they play mobile, PC or video games at home or at school. Super Terrific Games provides learning activities for students of all ages. Some researchers had already proposed that some video and computer games be used in a classroom setting for serious learning.

As they play, kids practice and improve their cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, basic motor skills, and even communication skills. At this stage, parents can help their children’s learning process through games that can be done simply by showing or holding out a toy for the child to reach out and grasp.

In , you can even create a classroom where you can bring the children and play an online class setting. Again, the fun factor is so high kids hardly notice they are learning. Play and have fun learning numbers in different languages. With the motto of Acitya Kaharsa Wijaya” (knowledge, fun, excellence), we innovate the way of learning, enrich people’s lives with creative solutions, and captivate esteemed students’ and partners’ lives with joy and jubilance.

They’ll play games and learn letter recognition, letter tracing, and phonics. Games are a natural way to sharpen children’s cognitive abilities. At Akros we know how important it is for parents, teachers and education specialists to ensure that children learn in a fun, simple, enjoyable and motivating way.

Before starting to use the educational game, the students were explained its instructions and given the possibility of either downloading the application on their mobile devices or using it online. Fables and fairy tales are also featured in the gadget which makes learning fun.educational games