educational gamesThe Internet has accumulated a huge collection of online educational games for preschool and kindergarten kids, many of which are freely available to the interested parent. Our interactive learning games are designed for children aged 4 to 11 years. Children will develop foundational science literacy while engaging with educational games about the human body, plants, homes, weather, space, animals, states of matter, and other exciting topics.

For example, you can find an educational game with “Shrek” theme etc. From allergies and body parts to dental hygiene and staying fit, playing these games can introduce them to new concepts and help reinforce what they learn in school. Zendo is an exemplary game for building critical thinking skills, and the rules offer quite a bit of advice for how to improve thinking skills over time.

Studies have shown that math games actually seem to provide quite the opposite effect on children. Conventionally, learning games” has been a concept worthy of an audible groan in the classroom. As kids grow older, they can explore and play in other areas like AdventureLand , MarineLand and FutureLand , practicing important scholastic skills all the while.

Though the situations are a bit dramatic, players learn fast about preplanning and making choices with the long term in mind. Children and adults of all ages can benefit from the mental stimulation that game-based learning provides. There’s educational content on TinyTap for kids up to age 14, although most of the content is geared toward kids in pre-K to early elementary school.

What your kids will learn: Logic, patterns, data analysis and problem-solving skills. Eralized to other games or educational software”. Often these are math or language skills, but there are also social values and ethics embedded into educational games online as well.