In choosing a children’s school, as a parent, you must be observant. Since it involves the needs and future of your child later. One of the essential things in choosing an international school is paying attention to the curriculum. One of the best curricula is the IB Curriculum. Here are a few things about the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.

Get to know the IB Curriculum

International Baccalaureate was officially used in Geneva, Switzerland, in the 1960s. This curriculum aims to encourage students to be more creative, develop their emotional, intellectual, and social abilities. In Thailand, this curriculum is also widely used in international schools. One of them is Wells International School.

Wells international school in Bangkok offers education using the IB curriculum. Also, the location of Wells International School is very strategic. If you are interested and want to find out information about Wells International School fees Bangkok, please visit the website

There are four programs in the IB Curriculum offered by Wells International School

1. Primary Years Program (PYP)

This level is the basic level for students 3-12 years old. Wells International School, at this level, teaches children to be active, caring, and love to learn. There are six subjects, such as Language, Mathematics, Art, and Science.

2. Middle Years Program (MYP)

Middle Years Program is intended for students aged 11-16 years old. The purpose of students joining this program is to train students and introduce them to what they are learning in the academic world and make it useful in later life. For example, Literature, Science, Mathematics, and Art.

3. Diploma Program (DP)

Children aged 16-19 years old can choose Diploma Program (DP), which specially prepares them to enter world-class tertiary institutions. This program takes up to two years.

Students can choose three subjects they like and become a higher level with a duration of 240 hours. While the remaining three at the standard level exploring the preferred field for 150 hours.

4. Career-related Program (CP)

The last level is intended for teenagers aged 16-19 years old. The CP level is a new program offered started eight years ago. In this program, students can consult about careers. For the requirements to take this level, students must complete 2 IB DP courses.