masters in educationBefore embarking on a distance education masters degree program, it is important to watch out for a few things that could make you regret the school you chose later. The range of subjects covered is huge, ranging from programs teaching software applications as a tutorial to courses teaching individual skills such as touch typing or basic plumbing. This online master’s in education prepares students for administrative roles at the school and district levels.

Learners complete coursework in four categories, developing competencies in educational theory, teaching strategies, language and literacy, and practical applications. Tuition reductions are also available for graduate programs and military spouses. Your specialized knowledge and skills will not only benefit you, but also benefit your students and the school districts in which you teach.

With a master’s degree in education, you should expect to be viewed as a source of knowledge at the school where you teach. Research the different educational opportunities available to you, and develop questions to ask your admission’s officer about the offerings of various online master’s degree programs.masters in education

If you are going to school full time, typically it will take you about 2 years to complete a program. There are no teachers or professors to remind you to complete your work or lectures to take up the majority of your instructional time. Unlike many other online master’s in education programs, students may transfer up to nine credits.

This programme is studied by blended learning – a mixture of on campus and online. Research – strengthen your educational research skills and understandings, with opportunities to go on to a PhD. The University of Adelaide Careers Service prepares, inspires and empowers students to achieve successful career transitions and connect with industry.