physical educationThere is no shortcut to becoming a master physical education teacher. Physical education (PE) stands in an advantageous position for promoting the benefits of leisure physical activity as it addresses young, diverse and captive audiences 5 Importantly, it is through PE that young people experience a variety of physical activities, and it is these experiences that may determine future involvement in physical activity during leisure time 6 One of the primary aims of PE is to provide young people with the necessary motor skills, knowledge and competence to choose and participate in health-related physical activity in their leisure time 7 Nevertheless, there is relatively little research outlining how PE teachers or PE programs can effectively orient young people toward participation in regular leisure-time physical activity outside of school.

If you are going to teach a lesson on the volleyball set, it is important to have an organized introduction, fitness activity, and at least three setting activities thought out and planned out ahead of time so that the class runs smoothly and effectively.

According to the model, teachers’ promotion of students’ autonomous motivation toward physical activities in PE will lead individuals to strategically align their motivation, beliefs, and intentions toward similar activities in related contexts with those motives.

Through series of consultations with regional bodies for sport and civil society organisations initiated by ONOC, Sport Matters and UNESCO in 2018, a number of priorities were identified to be included in the Pacific Action Plan for Sport, Physical Activity and Physical Education, namely; (i) policy development and capacity building (ii) regional coordination and consultation (iii) advocacy and communication (iv) monitoring and evaluation and (v) research and education.

Six teachers presented four high school P.E. classes and two junior high school P.E. classes revolving around three key subjects – sports load, physical exercise and motor skills – displaying some of the results of the China Health and Physical Education Curriculum Model”.