educational gamesLearning is made easier if it is mixed with fun and play, especially for children. Because Fluxx is the game of ever-changing rules,” it is an excellent text” for encouraging close reading to determine what is said explicitly, to argue what can be logically inferred, and for citing specific text to support players’ conclusions. As a first educational game for advanced control courses, we developed spacecraftRT which is used in the course Regelungstechnik II (Automatic Control II).

An easy and effective solution to such perspiring job is to make fun approach to learning. Moreover, certain educational video games are also known to help children with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) so that they can avoid unhealthy thoughts and keep their minds off from them with games that keep them busy.

The problem of video games that promote violence and educe fits of rage to kids is one that is shared by many parents. Since 2005, we are using educational games in the course „Einführung in die Regelungstechnik (Introduction to automatic control). The learning process is a complex cognitive task that students require a lot of effort to cope with.

Playing with educational toys is one of the means that help children to establish contact with the world he is living in, especially during the infancy stage. In addition to increases in children’s achievement in important skill areas, research has shown that PBS KIDS resources increase parent engagement in kids’ learning.

Games such as KerbalEdu , Universe Sandbox ² , and Civilization V are all bestselling commercial products and truly engaging opportunities for learning. Middle School Math Planet teaches these and other math skills through over 30 games that support Common Core State Standards.educational games