Fun & effective ways of learning should always be applied, so students can absorb the teaching material to the maximum. Especially for the students who are guided to understand material or curriculum with a specified target.

For this type of learning, you can trust St Andrews International School Bangkok Thailand. They have a curriculum that provides a fun and effective learning methods to eliminate boredom, fatigue. The curriculum will make you understand the material faster.

Here’s a fun and effective learning method:


The first fun and effective way to learn is to do it with friends. This is the most appropriate solution if you have difficulty understanding your learning material.

Study with friends or discussion over implementing everyone to become the teacher for one another. In the discussion, all opinions will be heard.

In discussion, you can help each other if there are friends who are experiencing difficulties while exchanging ideas, so that insights about learning materials are also broader.


From now, you should be able to share daily schedules, especially determining the most appropriate time for study. Learning in a wrong time affects the level of understanding of the material.

For example, if you learn when you’re sleepy, it will disrupt your concentration. Therefore, a fun

way of learning & effective learning is better done when your body and mind in good condition.


Learning does not need to be done in a tense atmosphere. In addition to determining the right time, a fun way of learning & effective learning can also be done in the mid of a supportive atmosphere.

For example, you are more comfortable if you study while listening to music. So, as much as

possible you can stay focus, choose your atmosphere for learning.


Sometimes too much material can also make you feel difficult to understand. Also, hard

sentences make you confuse with the material.

Therefore, you can summarize material that feels important.

This learning method will give several benefits to you. Indirectly, by summarizing the learning material, it can also be said that you have read textbooks. Automatically, you also understand better about the whole material.

For the second advantage, summarizing learning material can also strengthen your understanding of the material by rereading the summarized results made earlier.

That way, you don’t need to read a thick book that just makes you feel bored and difficult to master the material.