When building a company, you want the business to succeed. However, to achieve success, many things must be considered, one of which is to have reliable and passionate employees.

You must have good employees if you want a company to grow and develop. That means you must be very selective when hiring new staff.

At this time, one of the most common problems that every business or company has is employee time keeping. If employees are often late, then some action must be taken to protect the company and improve the work ethic amongst the team.

You can try several ways to overcome this problem, such as:

Utilizing Time & Attendance Machine Technology

In an increasingly advancing era, time & attendance machine technology in a company will be very useful. This machine is handy for detecting employee attendance effectively.

Employees can place their fingers on the scanner (if using a fingerprint attendance machine) or connect their ID cards (if using an ID card attendance machine) quickly and easily.

This machine can also help your company to determine bonuses, payroll, and even penalties based on employee attendance data.

Listening well

Before you start scolding your employees for coming to work late, make sure you listen carefully to what they say. Allow your employees to explain the reasons so you can suggest appropriate solutions. Based on the employee’s reaction, direct your conversation toward the answer to the problem with attention and courtesy.

There are things you need to pay attention to when you want to talk to your late employees. Whenever you decide you want to discuss in more detail about their lateness, make sure you choose the right place and time.

Don’t talk about the employee’s problems in cafeterias or other public places where others can hear you, as this will arouse curiosity and embarrass your employees. Remember, employees are valuable assets to your business so choose a private area or location so morale is not negatively affected.

Making the rules clear

There are no easy and fast rules to deal with an employee who is always late, and every business owner has a different way of doing things. Just like every employee has different problems and is in a different situation.

However, there are steps you must take if you want to deal with employees who always arrive late and change their habits forever, one of which is to make clear rules. Making new regulations and creating a deterrent for late employees is the best course of action.