How to manually screen t-shirts is a way that needs to be learned for those of you who are focused on running a garment business. Selling plain t-shirts is less attractive. Much more interesting with you screen printing it. So when you offer it through selling t-shirts online, consumers will be easily attracted. Pay attention to the ways to screen print t-shirts with the following cheap t-shirt screen printing.

Make a T-shirt Design Using Corel Draw or Photoshop

Make a t-shirt design first using Corel Draw or Photoshop. Make sure you turn the t-shirt design into a screen printing film cliché or in the form of a screen printing film. Including the color separation that must be clear so that the designs you create can be produced properly on t-shirt screen printing. For those of you who are looking for t shirt printing hong kong, you can visit

Pre-Afdruk Process in T-shirt Screen Printing

The pre-afdruk process in t-shirt screen printing is done after you have the design. The process of cleaning the screen printing equipment that will be used. Then the process of preparing the screen for screen printing. Make sure you choose screen printing equipment such as screens with the right size according to the size of the shirt you want to screen printing. Usually there are two sizes of screen printing on the market. You can choose a screen with a small size of 15 x 25 cm or a screen with a large size of 30 x 40 cm. Before the screen is used for screen printing, make sure you have washed it with a dab of detergent.

T-shirt Screen Printing Afdruk Process

The afdruk process in the Shirt Screen Printing method is carried out after you complete the pre-afdruk process. The afdruk process starts with you preparing some important equipment. Starting from the screen that has been cleaned, including the screen leveling tool. Drugs for afdruk special for afdruk images through film. For the small red afdruk bottle is the mixer. Make sure you mix well. Also buy afdruk drugs with sizes as needed so that afdruk drugs don’t become damaged just because they haven’t been used for a long time. Then prepare a fan to dry the screen printing results. Because part of taking care of screen printing shirts after screen printing must be dried in a closed room protected from sunlight.

Burning Process on Screen Printing

Place the foam right at the top on the screen printing board. Don’t forget to put the black cloth right on top of the foam. Your screen printing is placed on the black cloth. Make sure that before the t-shirt design that you want to print on the new t-shirt is placed on the screen, the screen-printing has been smeared with cooking oil. Leave the screen exposed to sunlight for a maximum of five seconds. Then wash the screen again so that it is free from afdruk drugs. Try when washing you use a sprayer to be more effective in removing the admixture on the screen.

T-shirt Screen Printing Process

Screen that has been given a film including a lock for the screen. Oil paints including screen printing paint with CMYK colors must also be available. Do the screen printing on a glass table. Don’t miss the rakel until the fabric or t-shirt you want to print can be purchased from Cheap T-shirts in Jakarta. Place the shirt on the top of the glass table. Do the pouring of paint on the screen as needed. Immediately wrinkled with the rackel, then the shirts that can also be purchased at cheap wholesale t-shirts are finished for screen printing only on t shirt printing hong kong .

Finally, a way that should not be forgotten is to remove the film with a film washer. The screen is cleaned using water and then screen washing medicine. Rub with a sponge. Screen that is clean must be rinsed immediately. Then put your screen in a place exposed to sunlight to dry it. Screen printing t-shirts, which of course, online distribution t-shirts, also carry out the same process. That’s part of the t-shirt screen printing method