educatorsMany nurses with years of nursing experience behind them are turning toward the next stage of their professional medical careers – as nursing educators. This program is designed to give educators a direct experience with environments and concepts that are part of the classroom curriculum. We’ve developed resources to help you and your students achieve education and workplace success. Holding herself to the same standards, Theresa is a member of the professional learning community for Arthur Elementary School — a local school chosen to be part of the U.S. ConnectEd initiative.

Intel® Software Development Products can only be used in a classroom setting to assist in teaching. Engage in science and engineering practices while exploring new content, teaching ideas, and Museum resources in our educator workshops. Check out the latest news and perspectives from E4E educators advocating for change in their classrooms, communities, and across the country.

Become a part of a statewide network of exceptional educators for continued support and learning. Join global ADEs, Apple Teachers, and educators for live Tuesday Twitter Chats to discuss ideas and build your global professional learning network. Becoming an avid reader can help both teachers and their students become their very best.

The program benefited from the involvement of the Argentinean Council on Civil Engineering Curriculum (CODIC), an agency that has encouraged development of this educational program. Some educators tend to believe that education plans are too rigidly structured to be of any use inside the classroom.

Despite having High School” in the name, this program is actually pretty flexible, with lesson plans and activities that can be adapted for teaching in middle school too. Attend a workshop, use educational tools, or explore parent and student resources. To create a brave space for all students to share and learn, you can co-create a list of norms with your students that will maintain a space of respect and provide opportunities to hold each other accountable.