degreePlenty! Postgraduate qualifications are not designated Master of Arts as in the rest of the UK, as this is an undergraduate degree. Earning a BA generally requires 120-160 credits or more of a wide range of college level courses. After receiving the licenciatura, students may take extra courses called diplomados (similar to a Certification but issued by a university).

The main degrees are named by British tradition (Arts, Science, Law, etc.), but in recent years there have been a number of degrees named after specific subjects, such as Bachelor of Library and Information. A bachelor’s degree can help you solidify your place in your work environment, and achieve all that is possible for you.

Your quizzes and tests are all located on your online site, and you get your entire degree without having to go to a college. If the online Bachelor degree costs seem too cheap, it is probably reason for alarm. At the Master’s program there are 2-3 years of graduate-level studies.

We offer more than 20 graduate and undergraduate degrees through our 14 departments, and our programs are ranked among the best in the country. Simply directly into the undergraduate medical education program at Université Laval (4 to 5 years in duration) or Université de Sherbrooke (4 years in duration).degree

A BA or BSc from a university grants “immediate” entry into a master’s program. Many people know where their interests lie when beginning college, but the majority of students aren’t sure how their passions can transform into a career. An accredited university or college online will give you a degree that will transfer well no matter what situation you are in.