Philosophy of educationAs a student, I have come across people from different backgrounds. To not loose competitiveness US economy must adapt under these new developments and capitalize of and promote the advances in communications and other spheres of technologies, of the US infrastructure, social services and Medicare, educational system in particular highly developed graduate schools and promote their expansion, the globalization of the very flexible US business and promote access to global markets for medium to small companies and investors; which actions will establish a more open competition for more individuals to participate and the strengths of the US free market competition will expand and be empowered.Philosophy of education

On another level, by being aware of the different philosophical doctrines behind the various educational theories, teachers will get a deeper knowledge of the different learning theories and approaches such as behaviorism , cognitivism , constructivism , and critical pedagogy That is, with at least a basic knowledge of the philosophy of education, teachers will get a taste of the philosophical doctrines that led to the appearance of these approaches.

However, I realise that this is an unfashionable view in our postmodern times of ‘no absolute truths’ – where all knowledge is incomplete, evolving, and relative to some cultural construction – thus teaching philosophy is seen as some abstract and largely useless exercise.

In particular the college entrance examination in Japan, Korea, and other East Asian countries caused serious social injustices and problems: unequal educational opportunity, lack of character education, financial burden on parents, and so on. Thus, to achieve justice, modern society needs the Platonic theory education, for Plato’s philosophy of education will provide a comprehensive vision to solve those problems in education.

Throughout the process of teaching and learning, we should acknowledge completed steps by our students, give them a feeling of accomplishment for having grasped the point, solved the problem, parsed the sentence correctly, rendered the accents properly, and so on. This sense of completion should spur the student on to further effort.