Family trips are usually exciting for many as it is not just a time to unwind and relax with family members but also an opportunity for bonding. Before COVID-19 surfaced, many tourist centres and cities would have had tons of reservations by this time of the year. But given the prevailing circumstances, it is reasonable to doubt the safety of any holiday journey this time.

The safety of your family, if you decide to embark on a trip this time, depends on your preparedness and location. Let’s be very clear here: it is risky to travel to the epicentre of the pandemic now no matter how prepared you are. That’s because your chances of contracting this respiratory virus are high there. So, if you are keen on spending time out with your family, you should consider doing so in countries or regions with fewer cases, and you should prepare adequately.

Preparation Tips for a Family Trip During this Pandemic

  1. Know Your Family Members’ Status

It’s easy to focus on others while we leave ourselves unchecked. But maybe we should assume you already know the status of your family members. If not, the first step of preparation is to get tested. Once you are sure no one is positive, the next step is to ensure no one contracts the virus.

  1. Get Personal Protective Equipment

Everyone travelling with you must have their face masks and hand sanitisers with them. If their face masks are non-reusable, they must have enough to carry them through their stay. While the family can share a bottle of hand sanitiser, each one needs their packs of face masks.

  1. Make Plans for Non-Crowded Transportation

In assuring that you are safe at this time, you must plan adequately for your transportation. For oversea journeys, most airlines already have safety measures in place and will not permit cramping. But this suggests that you may have to spend more on purchasing flight tickets. Conversely, you can go with your family car if you stay within your city or a neighbouring city. If travelling via train, you must book early to get your preferred seat.

  1. Keep Safe Distance in Your Holiday Destination

There will be an urge to mingle and move around when you get to your holiday city or venues. It’s even possible that you’d meet other vacationers there. However, you cannot throw caution to the wind and let loose your guards during this pandemic—the WHO advises that everyone keeps a safe distance of about one metre while in public gatherings. So, you must ensure that everyone travelling with you understand this safety precaution and be will to adhere to it.

Final Submission

While having a family time out during this pandemic can be risky, it is not impossible, especially if you know and take note of the tips above. We advise that you don’t travel far from your home country or attempt travelling to areas where the virus is still widespread.