The equity market has grown over years with both young and old investors seeking to make a fortune out of the stock market.

It is very ideal for anyone who wants to get a passive income stream. Among the many benefits of investing in the securities market, one greatest of them all is that you don’t have to work for your entire life to make wealth.

I learned about the stock exchange and how to invest in the stock market from my Securities Regulations Law class.

Not everyone gets the same advantage as I did but the bottom line is that it doesn’t matter how you learn.

The good thing is that you don’t need to struggle to teach yourself about the securities market, you can simply enroll in a short course.

You can start by reading reviews related to online trade school courses. Enroll in a reputable school, learn the stock market and start investing.

This article shall be guidance on what you need to know about learning the stock market online.

What you need to know:

1.  Understand the basics

This borders around the terms and phrases normally used in the worlds of stocks:

  • How the stock market works: companies that are publicly traded list the number of shares to sell to the public. It can be bonds, shares, and all other types of securities. Members of the public will then analyze the market, and choose whether to invest in the company or not.
  • The sole reason why companies choose to issue out securities to be bought by the public is to gain capital.
  • Stock trading: Once a person invests their money in a public trading company, he/she is at liberty to sell or buy back their shares. Stock trading is where most investors make their money. When the share value goes up, an investor may choose to sell their shares, making a profit. This is what is called trading.

2.  Buying stocks

Buying stocks is the first step to online trading.

These simple steps should be simple guidance on how you can buy stock.

First, select a stockbroker or directly from a company. You then identify a good company to buy stocks from.

In doing this, you need to select a company wisely. Look at their ratings, reviews, projections of future income, and such.

You can gather some ideas of companies to buy stocks from by looking at US companies’ online reviews. After all, no one wants to buy stocks from a failing company?

This will of course depend on the market price. You can then choose the type of stocks you want to own, and the number of shares you want to have.

You are then free to optimize your trade portfolio.

3.  Learn market analysis

Buying stocks is one thing, but managing your stocks is another thing.

The next step to learn is market analysis. Scrutinizing the market is a skill, not everyone makes good marketing interpretations. 

Beginners might find it challenging at first to learn about stock analysis, but it is still possible.

First, you can use technical analysis where you look at the demand and supply of stocks within the market. The higher the demand the more the value of a shock in a company rises and vise versa.

Secondly, you might check on the companies’ return on equity. That shall be what the company returns to its shareholders.

Other analyses worth mentioning are; book value, the price per earnings ratio, earnings per share, among others.

Big investors prefer to delicate these jobs to special market analysts to save time, make reasonable and expert decisions before trading.

4.  Strategy building

A good investor must have excellent strategies when it comes to trading.

Building an excellent strategy is not as easy as it sounds. It shall take time as it involves you exploring all the possible options to safely trade.

The first strategy is to ensure that you are trading on your extra money, finance that you are not in dire need of use.

A good investor also knows to trade in different types of stocks or securities. Such that when the market crashes on another, they are not a big loss as they can rely on the others.


The stock exchange is a skill you learn over time. No one wakes up one day and they are good at investments.

It will take a couple of years for you to gain the required skills and strategies to be good at a stock exchange.