One year everyone at our school was tired of doing Red Ribbon week. I commend our Nation’s schools, their teachers and leaders, and the parents of students across this land. In order to meet the challenges of a 21st century learning environment, educators are required to be globally competent. The new Everyone Can Code curriculum builds on existing interactive puzzles, guides and activities to make learning to code even more approachable and connected to students’ everyday lives.

Education Week is a statewide, annual event to celebrate NSW public education, which will be held 5-9 August 2019. Between 1896 and 1954, Masons throughout America led the charge for the advancement of enlightenment with its clarion call for the support of Public Schools.

We connect our diverse communities by creating and sustaining inclusive, interactive learning environments that use advanced technologies to promote and extend student influence beyond the classroom walls. 2. Th next goal of mine was to get my students focused back on school work after a full summer of vacation.

Through the event, students and those who support them honor those who have made a difference in education. The theme for 2019 Education Week is Every student, every voice. In regular intervals, teachers will provide critical feedback to the online students that assesses the individual progress toward earning a certain certification or an degree offered at online schools.

That means not only thinking about the changes that can be made today, but also the long-term strategies that will help shape the future of an institution and the students that it serves. Sponsored by the International Languages and Cultures Department and the Office of Study Abroad.