special educationA variety of options are available at Mason for students to learn more about working with individuals with disabilities. The teaching programs and administrative program and individual courses within the programs are aligned with the Council for Exceptional Children Teaching Standards as well as NCATE Special Education Teaching Standards and Educational Leadership Standards.

The best case is if a student wants to go to the bathroom let us say that he just scratches his back and that is a sign for the teachers that he need to go and this way you can avoid the so called embarrassing situation of having to go to the bathroom.

However, guidelines underline the importance of specific strategies and personalised paths in order to adapt programmes to the needs of single pupils; in particular, foreign pupils’ assessment should take into account their previous educational history, their outcomes, the characteristics of attended schools and of skills and competences acquired.special education

The Act also states that, for children aged 2 or over, special educational provision is provision that is additional to, or different from, that made generally for children of the same age in maintained schools (other than special schools ) in the area.

The main strength of this study program lies in the UPI core competency and learning curve in the field of education and learning which will have a positive impact on the career prospects of the study program which is the excellent source in creating, offering, and providing the values of services to the students.