department of educationUses holographic display technology, such as the Microsoft HoloLens, with multiple students to advance medical educational experiences and outcomes. Teachers in high-poverty and high-minority schools report poor working conditions (e.g., poor facilities, books and other materials in short supply, large class sizes, and little administrative support) that contribute significantly to high attrition of good teachers and their aspiring but less experienced colleagues from specific schools, as well as from the profession.department of education

What are the main concerns and challenges expressed by receiving kindergarten teachers?This presentation will review what we know about challenges and opportunities of the transition to school for all children, and especially for children who are deaf of hard of hearing and the adults who support them.

Besides administering Primary School Teacher Education and Early Childhood Teacher Education Study Programs, the Department of Pedagogy also administers the Professional Education Program of Primary Schools or Program Pendidikan Profesi Sekolah Dasar (PPG SD).

Jurisdictions are supporting or exploring many initiatives, including (a) legislatively earmarked recruitment strategies that identify needs and remedies specific to a district’s staffing situation, (b) salary and other compensation incentives to attract and retain qualified teachers, and (c) expanded partnerships beyond the education community tailored to address particular gaps.

The educational objectives of the Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education refer to the UPI educational objectives, which aim to develop faithful, devout, moral, noble, knowledgeable, professional, and religious human beings, who have integrity and love for the Republic of Indonesia.