masters in educationGetting an online education degree is easy, especially if you know how to find the right online university for you. Perfect for educators who wish to make an impact on curriculum design and lead educational research, this flexible program allows you the opportunity to tailor your degree by exploring various specializations which will empower you to be a well-rounded educator ready to step into multiple roles.

The online tuition rate for active-duty service members enrolled in the online Master of Engineering in Engineering Management program is $690 per credit hour (a $74 per credit hour Active-Duty Departmental Award is applied to the total rate of $764 per credit hour).

Students interested in earning master’s degrees in education online can enroll in several programs at BSU, including tracks in coaching education, curriculum and educational technology, educational administration and supervision, educational philosophy, and secondary education.

Once I get through my Masters in Clinical Psychology I will have a better focus and get more into counseling like I have always wanted to. It is about time for my psychology degree to start working for me. Clinical Psych has always interested me because I like to try to figure out things.

Master’s programs that focus on academic enrichment in a content focus area can also be a path towards doctoral degrees such as the Doctor of Education (EdD) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), which can lead to positions in administration as well as in higher education.