pearson educationSince children are usually in school for thirteen years, they are likely to run into problems at some point in time. 308 and 300.540 of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), mandates that the determination of whether or not a child suspected of having a specific learning disability qualifies for special education be made by the child’s parents and a team of qualified professionals, which must include the child’s regular education teacher, at least one person qualified to conduct individual diagnostic examinations and interpret such information such as a school psychologist, speech language pathologist, or remedial reading teacher.

One of the many reasons that readers immerse themselves in stories and books is to view aspects of life they can identify with and perhaps catch a glimpse of themselves in one or more of their characters in an identification which has them silently conclude, “That’s me.” This is particularly illustrated by Wallace Stegner in his story, The Traveler.pearson education

In addition to the parents of the child, the team may consist of: building principal, referring teacher, regular education teachers, special education teachers, counselor, transition coordinator, related services personnel, school nurse, Title I or Section 504 coordinator, or others as deemed appropriate by the team.

Some of the occupations, which will add the most new jobs in this period, are (in thousands): Registered nurses 581.5, Home health aides 460.9, Customer service representatives 399.5, Personal and home care aides 375.8, Retail salespersons 374.7, Office clerks (general) 358.7, Accountants and auditors 279.4, Nursing aides, orderlies, and attendants 276.0, Postsecondary teachers 256.9, Construction laborers 255.9, and Elementary school teachers 244.2. The entire list can be found on the BLS Web site.

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