Philosophy of educationIn an ideal world, I really believe that the majority of people who are involved in education, whether they’re a teacher, administrator, coach, counselor, are anything else, would have a genuine care for kids. You will want to include examples and descriptions so your reader can see” you in your classroom—these may be specific teaching strategies you use, assignments you integrate, discussions you have with students, or the physical environment you create.

A Brazilian philosopher and educator committed to the cause of educating the impoverished peasants of his nation and collaborating with them in the pursuit of their liberation from what he regarded as “oppression,” Freire is best known for his attack on what he called the “banking concept of education,” in which the student was viewed as an empty account to be filled by the teacher.

In Secondary school all the students must take a little introduction to ethics, but it is during the sixth form, known there as ‘bachillerato’, where it is compulsory to take philosophy and citizenship in the first course, as well as history of philosophy in the second course in order to apply for university or just to get the title.

Submissions should have a philosophical bearing on education and may vary from an examination of a philosophical issue in its connection with education, to a philosophical analysis of some aspect of current educational theory, research, policy or practice.

They are made stupid by education.” He would agree that much of what passes for education is nothing more than the simple transmission by others of what they believe is important for students to be taught which often has nothing to do with the learners.