public schoolIf more money meant better education for our kids, our public schools should have vastly improved over the last 75 years. Most parents that choose to enroll their children into private schools do so because they usually provide more specific education for children to meet that child’s needs. Explore the best schools in your area based on key statistics and millions of student and parent reviews.

They base their decision to a large part on Public School Rankings For K-12 Gen Interest. Private schools tend to have higher academic and behavioral standards for the children to meet. The assigned public school administrator will be the one to oversee that all the rules of the district are well implemented.

Ban the sharing, storing, and sale of student data: Several investigations have revealed that educational technology companies, for-profit schools, and other educational entities are selling student data to corporations. In the PRC , state schools are funded and administered by the education sector within the government.

The high taxes force both parents into the workforce, making it difficult for one parent to stay at home to home-school their children. Bad schools don’t close down because compulsory taxes prop them up. Incompetent or mediocre teachers aren’t fired because tenure laws protect them.

The United States Department of Education supervises the role of the federal government in education. In government schools, there is no accountability. It’s true that public schools have to serve everyone, including students who have no interest in learning.public school