public schoolPublic school design has come a long way from the classrooms one might remember from the past. The real heroes of the American public schools are, on the other hand, those persistent, highly qualified classroom teachers who spend long hours preparing and delivering excellent subject lessons, who adamantly refuse to accept intolerable behaviors from their students, and set obtainable behavioral and academic standards in their classes, which they firmly enforce.

Some of these teachers were also accused of poor classroom management skills, being AWOL from school, not following or having lesson plans, ignoring suggestions for improvement, rude and aggressive demeanor, doing nothing to improve high student failure rate, and other behavior-based charges.

We divert public dollars from traditional public schools that need them, leave our students vulnerable to exploitative companies that prey on schools’ limited resources for profit, and allow corruption to undermine the quality of education that our students receive.

Swedish children take national exams at grades 3, 6 and 9. Children at grade 3 take these exams in two of the three main subjects: Swedish and mathematics In grade 5 the exams extend to the third main subject, English, and in grade 9 the exams also extend to natural science , foreign languages , and one of the four subjects in “Samhällsorientering” ( geography , history , religious studies , and civics ). They first receive grades in grade 6. The grading system is letter-based, ranging from A-F, where F is the lowest grade and A is the highest.

Efforts to expand the footprint of charter schools, often without even ensuring that charters are subject to the same transparency requirements and safeguards as traditional public schools, strain the resources of school districts and leave students behind, primarily students of color Further, inadequate funding and a growing education technology industry have opened the door to the privatization and corruption of our traditional public schools.public school