public schoolThe behavior of our children in the public school system in United States of America is getting out of hand. Revive and fund the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR): OCR is responsible for enforcing federal civil rights laws in our public schools. One of the ways parents can help their children develop the skills lacking in schools is to help their kids find mentors.

E.D. Hirsch, in his book, Cultural Literacy, argues that “progressive” ideas in the schools deprive all students of the knowledge required for citizenship and a decent life. In the United States, any local primary or secondary school that is open to all; in the United Kingdom, a private, fee-paying, secondary school.

Students need to learn for the sake of learning, because knowledge is a powerful and wonderful tool for living. Public School Rankings can show you which schools have something different to offer, and how well they do so compared to other similar programs. The federal government provides roughly the remaining 10{37cb68deedc28952cf539b2883fab1aeebe007ed2a99fb6afad134f549a43498} of K-12 funding, primarily through Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.public school

In some countries (such as Germany), private associations or churches can operate schools according to their own principles, as long as they comply with certain state requirements. I think that after 40 years we can safely conclude that the government bureaucrats who run these schools are not up to the task of giving our kids the great education they deserve.

Whether your child is in elementary school or high school, make sure you have met and talked with his teachers and even the principal. John Holt, in his book, “How Children Fail” points out that most students forget the facts they memorized within a few weeks after the test.