As one of Indiana’s largest school districts, Indianapolis Public Schools is committed to academic excellence built through individualized, relationship-based learning. The texts have been watered down, the courses are dumbed down; the teachers are poorly educated and trained, The purpose of school is now is social engineering – creating a mass of predictable, dependent consumers instead of creative-thinking self-governing individuals.

A May 2009 U.S. Department of Education (DOE) review of research studies on online learning effectiveness, entitled “Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning,” found only a very limited number (five) of rigorous studies on the efficacy of online learning for K-12 students as compared to face-to-face instruction.

On the other end of the grading scale, however, more public school students than ever are now taking advantage of high caliber learning opportunities such as AP and Honors courses, which-at their best-rival what is available in the most exclusive private schools.

With the importance of math and science in the new global economy taken as an accepted fact , and concerns that American students without access to the most proficient science and math training will miss out on economic opportunities, school districts have turned to new ways of sourcing talent.

While the bachelor’s degree-level coach always had an enrollment of 30-or-more seniors in his four government classes, the other teacher (who also taught history, economics, and geography, and held a master’s degree in political science) had fewer than 25 students in each of her government classes, and a failure rate of 15 percent-per-class.