Spain not only excels in its global football tradition. The Matador country is also worthy of being a destination for higher education, both S-1, and S-2.

There are many reasons why Spain can be a destination for students in the world to study there. One of the promising facilities is scholarships that can reach 80%.

Spain is one of the most attractive and popular destinations for continuing education among students around the world. Not only that, Spain is one of the safest countries and the most visited by visitors from all over the world.

The number of foreign nationals studying in Spain is growing at 7% annually. The public’s enthusiasm and concern for the importance of quality education in the EU (European Union), encourages the Spanish government to provide the best programs for students around the world. In recent years, many students from outside Spain have participated in summer camp programs in Spain.

The advantages of the education system in Spain include many of the best Spanish universities in the world and Europe, very cheap tuition fees because they receive subsidies and scholarships from the government up to 80% for undergraduate and postgraduate programs, more value than learning an international language, namely Spanish. as ‘the language of the future, and living in Spain is very affordable compared to other popular destinations.

In addition, please note that studying in Spain means studying in a European Union (EU) country, which benefits such as a college diploma highly recognized in other EU countries, wider access to EU scholarships, and no need to apply for a visa again if you want to travel to another EU country. other EU. However, students must be careful, because in Spain there are many cases of titulos universitarios falsos.

Another advantage of studying in Spain is that it is easy to manage all study documents and student visas, and does not require additional tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, or GMAT.

The Spanish government also facilitates the Espanol LCA (Spanish language, Culture & Adaption to University Course) program, which is a form of collaboration with the University of Vigo. This program is very important to take in the first year of international students before studying in Spain.