public schoolGood can often come from passionate visions of past government decisions. In this economy many are having a hard time just trying to keep their jobs let alone pay for their children’s schooling. I would also examine whether other federal programs or tax credits subsidize the creation of new charter schools and seek to limit the use of those programs for that purpose.

Students who attend a school that is low on the scale of Public School Rankings For K-12 may not get the message that their education is important. Another challenge to public education may be the child’s capabilities. That’s why I’m committed to working with public education leaders and school finance experts to improve the way the federal government allocates this new Title I funding.

Expand enforcement of whistleblower actions against schools that commit fraud against taxpayers: Our federal laws allow whistleblowers to bring actions to expose fraud and retrieve stolen federal money. Students are allowed to wear this type of clothing at all times, and cannot be forced to remove them.

Similarly, as a result of budget constraints, schools have been forced to cut their academic programs. Students interviewed said that they planned to pray publicly at their next game. These dumbed-down courses therefore waste children’s time. Also, the law is on the side of violent or disruptive students who are classified as “disabled.” In 1975, Congress passed the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

You see, it doesn’t currently reflect well on school administrations when 30-to-50 percent of their students are considered failures in Math, English, and reading classes. 1 against the school’s headmasters, two deputy headmasters and her son’s former homeroom teacher, alleging that the school had violated a government regulation by failing her son.