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continuing educationFor the insurance professional in Florida, education is an on-going requirement. However, many continuing education programs make heavy use of distance education , which not only includes independent study, but can also include videotaped material, broadcast programming or online education which has more recently dominated the distance learning community.

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Many older workers, wanting to begin a second career feel that they need proper credentials to qualify for the type of job they want to do. Most workers in their middle age feel that ongoing and continuing education enhances their opportunities and provides insurance against becoming obsolete.

There are some states that require certified nursing assistants and home health aides to obtain …


Program Areas

In order for an RN to keep his or her license current, it is necessary to get a certain amount of RN continuing education hours completed each year. For example, the American Psychological Association accredits sponsors of continuing education and uses simply a CE approach. We offer year-round events, courses, workshops, and online learning opportunities for our members and the aerospace community. Each broker-dealer must administer its Firm Element Continuing Education Program in accordance with its annual Needs Analysis and Written Training Plan, and maintain records documenting the content and completion of the program.

Of course, not everyone is comfortable with online learning and there is still plenty of opportunity for those people to further their education as well. Society likes to make people think they need to choose a single career path” to succeed in life. When you enrol into one of our programs or courses, you can be …