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Educational Consultant Positions

higher education jobsCareer advancement is very important, especially to those people who have been working in the same industry, perhaps even for the same company, for some time. From drop off continental breakfasts to high end catered meals for 1000, from convenient stores to National and Internal Brand Retail, residential dining and developing great people skills, there is no better place to learn the Higher Education Dining.

Although working hours are 35 hours per week, you’re likely to work longer hours, including evenings and weekends, to fit in time for lectures and lecture preparation, tutorials, your own research, marking, outreach work, open days, students’ supervision and administrative tasks.

Careers for researchers in the HE sector are wide-ranging and can include research focused roles, teaching and lecturing, administration, support roles such as development and careers professionals and work in research-related services or projects in areas such as policy, funding and knowledge transfer.

Early …