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Of course, in the good old days De Beers was the custodian – the industry steward – ruling as a dominant monopolistic pressure. The old ‘Supplier of Choice’ strategy tried to get the sightholders to drive consumer demand; however, from my perspective, this was the mistaken method. Now consumers are confronted with this rebellious different – it seems the identical, it feels the identical, and yet it isn’t. An important factor that continues to be unclear to me is the long-term angle of shoppers. This presently leaves a wholesome and fascinating margin for retailers, and lots of are having fun with the moment. Producers are reportedly struggling, which implies that certain companies will fall away and only those who have enough scale and efficiency will survive.

  • Arthur Papagrigoriou, director of Melbourne-based Athan Wholesalers, specialising in 9- and 18-carat pendant chains and imported Italian chains, is one other who says that