Top 5 Project Management Courses In Australia

Project management involves managing and organizing resources, maintaining efficiency, and ensuring that projects get completed within their set timeline.

A project manager’s role is to monitor and plan a team’s execution of specific tasks toward a common objective. The most common challenges faced within the project duration involve meeting goals within a given time constraint. A knowledgeable and experienced project manager helps in this area. They ensure all the tasks are completed on time and correctly to complete a project. 

Are you planning to pursue a career in project management or simply looking to improve your skill set? There are plenty of project management courses online that can help you on this journey.

Careers in Project Management

By 2030, approximately 25 million project management roles will be open worldwide, so there is no better time to become a part of this than now. 

Project management is a necessity to perform well in any industry. Every job role, including developers, programmers, and human resource professionals, benefits from project management to align their goals, planning processes, and manage deadlines.

In Australia, project managers are hired in several industries. However, organizations operating within the engineering, construction, health, finance, law, and technology sectors remain on top of the list. Keeping this in mind, pursuing a career in this field can be highly beneficial since vacancies remain available all year long. Additionally, most jobs looking for project managers are found within major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, with salaries averaging $128,452 per year.

Project Management Courses

Often project managers start from more low-paying roles at an organization, slowly gaining experience and then moving up the ladder. However, once an organization fully trusts a project manager, they can be seen as leading essential departments. 

For individuals interested in furthering their careers as project managers, signing up for the right project management course can provide them with all the resources they’ll need to excel. 

The following are leading courses chosen by successful project managers across the world:


The Projects In Controlled Environment Certification or PRINCE2 is a globally recognised project management practice. This certification is provided by AXELOS, a key organisation that helps individuals obtain this certification for jobs in the Australian government and large enterprises. 

The PRINCE2 certification prepares you to follow a systematic approach towards project management and is offered as a two-step system; Foundation and Practionioner. The Foundation course confirms that you are knowledgeable and understand their method. Whereas, Practitioner certification makes you an expert in applying the taught practices to your projects.

Project Management Fundamentals 

The Project Management Fundamental is designed for new and aspiring project managers. It is a short online course that provides the knowledge and tools to manage workplace projects efficiently. You will understand areas like project-to-project organising, budgeting, scheduling, selecting a team, and the most effective method to manage the project until it is completed. This six weeks course will equip you with all the necessary skills to manage projects efficiently and prepare you for more challenging certifications like Project Management Professional (PMP).

Six Sigma Project Management 

When you take this course, you are guided through the process of Six Sigma, a data-driven process-improvement program. Six Sigma project management aims to eliminate manufacturing defects from products to services. 

Completing the course provides skills and knowledge that advance your learning and help improve product quality. These, in exchange, enhance business results and form improved workplaces worldwide. Upon completing the course, you gain a globally recognised certification in quality management. No prior experience or expertise is needed when registering for this course.

Certified Associate in Project Management – CAPM

The Certified Associate in Project Management qualification is an all-rounded course and ideal for an aspiring project manager. This course is administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), and candidates are required to pass a three-exam to earn the CAPM certification. 

Unlike most courses, the CAPM doesn’t require a four-year degree or any former experience as a project manager. Keeping this in mind, this course is a good match for students in their second year of university or professionals intending to take on project management-oriented tasks at their organization. 

The CAPM can prepare you for entry-level project management jobs such as project coordinator, junior project manager, and associate project manager.

Upskilled’s Digital Project Management

Upskilled’s Digital Project Management certification course aims to provide you with the basics of project management. It is broken down into three layers of skill sets. The first layer focuses on fundamental management skills. The other two emphasize modern tools, methods, and skills required to perform as a digital project manager.

This short course is ideal for anyone wanting to work on projects within an organisational setting. It has been aligned with industry standards and provides an in-depth knowledge of all the aspects of effective project management.

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is one of the best certifications for mastering project management skills. AXELOS awards the MSP, and candidates seeking this certification are required to have prior experience in the project management sector. 

The MSP certification opens doors to potentially every project management role globally. While the coursework can be challenging, MSP-certified professionals demonstrate an advanced level of skill when it comes to leadership acumen and strategic control of high-priority projects. They play an essential role in an organisation and are often considered senior project managers. 


Organisations worldwide seek experienced project management professionals backed by certifications to manage their high-priority and challenging projects. While you may not necessarily need certifications to become a project manager, they fast-track your career.

With the demand for project managers increasing exponentially, becoming a certified professional is necessary to stay ahead of the competition. However, getting through the coursework without proper assistance can be difficult. Experts advise candidates to take courses in an online or in-class setting to help improve their chances of passing.