higher education jobsThe U.S. Department of Education is trying to create a clear financial picture for students with a regulation called gainful employment. While lack of skills may indeed be a concern, it is also true that aspirations rise along with higher education and the highly educated are increasingly choosing not to settle” for just any available job. This is available for students to use throughout the day during break and lunch times, study periods and after school.

For example, teaching can be described as both a job and an occupation; although there are other education-related occupations that a teacher can work towards. But, for people with just a high school degree or those who never finished high school at all, unemployment rates are around 10{37cb68deedc28952cf539b2883fab1aeebe007ed2a99fb6afad134f549a43498} and 15{37cb68deedc28952cf539b2883fab1aeebe007ed2a99fb6afad134f549a43498} respectively, significantly higher than the overall national average.higher education jobs

American College Personnel Association (ACPA) : ACPA is an association focused on advancing student affairs and supporting and fostering college student learning through the generation and dissemination of knowledge. There are however more advantages of online college degrees that cannot be ignored, and the most important being flexibility over the traditional colleges.

American Council on Education (ACE) : ACE is a coordinating body for U.S. accredited, degree-granting colleges and universities, and is focused on improving access and enabling student success. Some colleges have eliminated placement exams, but a new study finds that these tests may be useful in determining whether incoming students are ready for college-level work, researchers say.

The Laidlaw Scholars Programme equips undergraduate students with research and leadership skills to help you pursue your aspirations beyond your current course of study, whether your goals lie in business, the non-profit sector, or academia. So, while tertiary degrees may still lead to higher-paying jobs, the same employers handing out these jobs are hurting themselves — and young people — by limiting their candidate pool to college graduates.