educatorsCertification: Effective educators are at the heart of every school and classroom. An adjunct instructor may teach in a community college, traditional college, or an online school. The A+ Education Foundation awards grants up to $1,000 to A+FCU members who are professionally certified educators teaching Pre-K – 12. Since 2005, the A+ Education Foundation has awarded over $906,000 to 981 educators.

The author helped us put a name to those students who were struggling with learning disabilities that at the time we did not know enough about. These decisions have the propensity to undervalue educators and may result in burnout; a condition which fosters inefficiency and mediocrity- traits which are not conducive to the creation of effective teaching and learning environments.

We build and nurture a professional community of educators on behalf of all of Nashville’s students. Support us and help us to attract the means needed to create opportunities for capacity building, educational resources development and cooperation. Get professional training and support tailored to your educational institution.

Primary School Professionals can access research, publications and professional learning├é┬áthat will have a direct impact upon their classroom practice. I wish all educators could experience this Institute – it would make all our schools a better place to teach and learn.

The IGS is responsible for sponsoring the educational portion of all ETE events, including a call for speakers, the vetting of all speakers, and the airfare of the chosen speakers. Sex education that’s evidence-based and delivered by trained professionals is extremely effective and widely supported.