public schoolWhen the public school rankings are published, do you sneak a peek to see where your (or your children’s) school is listed? Kids enrolled in online elementary school will become more familiar with current technologies because they have to use a computer and work with software programs. First, students who struggled during a lesson the first time may come with a predisposed notion they will fail again.

I am delighted to welcome you to the Regent High School website, which offers a wealth of information about our vision for the future, the flourishing developments taking shape at our school and the many successes and achievements of our students. To those fervently pressing for inclusion of prayer in Public Schools, Clausen’s stance was viewed as emblematic of all that is wrong with Masonry.

In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, MPS shares how youth apprenticeships are helping students enter job training programs in high-demand fields and helping to close the skills gap in the Milwaukee job market. Also, affluent families may not balk at the cost of private education, so the public schools may find themselves left with only the students from the lowest socioeconomic sectors.

As a result of the problems public schools face, the responsibility for teaching life skills has shifted to parents. When Gavin Grimm took his school district to court to defend the rights of transgender students, he bravely stood for the many LGBTQ+ students facing harassment and discrimination in our schools.

Our flawed approach to K-12 funding isn’t just producing disparities in education between poor and rich students. Also, increased funding for sports helps school spirit as students are more likely to enjoy a winning team. So, as long as you are avoiding severely under-funded schools in impoverished areas, do not worry that your child is not attending the “posh” public school in your area.public school