If you don’t do it regularly, then there’s no better time to thank your child’s teachers than right now during National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 3-7-and then go one better. American Councils for International Education and the American Civics Center will conduct two week-long Civic Education Workshops in spring 2020 for 100 YES students each week from February 22-29, 2020 and March 21-28, 2020 in Washington, DC. YES students who participate in the Civic Education Workshop will be chosen in December through an application process that is open to all YES students currently on program.education week

In America, the responsibility for education policy decisions is reserved mainly to the States and to the local officials who know their students best, and we recognize the countless teachers and administrators who contribute every day to innovative solutions at the State and local level.

2019’s Evidence Summit, which forms part of the National Education Week (NEW), was held on August 7. The event brought together policymakers, researchers, and practitioners to: a) share rigorous evidence that has been collected about innovative approaches to improve learning outcomes, in Ghana and internationally; and b) identify ways in which evidence can be used to drive the implementation of priority reforms, and facilitate better decision-making processes.

Increase you knowledge on how to conduct, promote and collaborate on different Student Mobility Programs programs such as Erasmus+, winter and summer schools, specialized training courses, local tradition and cultural programs and certificate programs.

Because of the use of technologies in an accessible, easy to use format, returning to education on an online degree or distance learning is easy to do. Through an online learning provider or online college, there are fewer challenges than giving up work and trekking to a traditional campus based college every day of the week.