physical educationChildhood obesity has steadily grown as a serious concern in the United States. Colleges and Universities began to offer physical education programs throughout the 1800’s. The course also encourages learners to understand and explain global trends in Physical Education and Sport. A quality physical education program for grades K-12 should include instructional periods of 30 minutes a day at the primary level and 45 minutes a day at the secondary level.

He even includes a frequently asked questions section along with advice on how to slowly incorporate games into your schools curriculum. Many sports athletes exhibit a great deal of physical fitness when they make a run for the end zone. The purpose of this research was to analyse nutritional status, physical activity, and sedentary activity in school children in West Java, Indonesia.

Recruitment of teachers and students for the intervention and wait-list control groups will be drawn from the appropriate clusters. The idea is to stimulate play behavior to develop physical fitness and skills. Where once a school classroom could have led to active interaction between the teacher and student; many classrooms now make use of computer assisted learning which robs education of its humanity.

Visit the Study in the USA School search to find schools that offer programs of study in Health and Physical Education. Some of the necessary classes include: motor development, exercise physiology, health and wellness, and activity courses, such as golf, basketball or tennis.

A third activity to get your home school children out and active would be roller skating. The knowledge, understanding, skills and dispositions students develop through movement in Health and Physical Education encourage ongoing participation across their lifespan and in turn lead to positive health outcomes.