education weekIn our homeschool, we did all of our assigned course work in 4 days each week. Depending on your schedule, you may prefer to work on schoolwork only on certain days; or you can work on it every day, but for a shorter period of time. Aalto Ventures Program helps students to learn to build like an entrepreneur. Students will learn what it is they like so much about their teacher and why they are so fond of that particular teacher.

Turn your classroom into the Agora and give the students a week or two to prepare for a busy market day. The Gator Nation is home to over 6,600 international students from more than 140 countries. Whether you are a K-12 school or district, a community college, or a four-year institution, thinking about the future of education is imperative in order to thrive and support students from one generation to the next.

Designed to help unleash kids’ creativity throughout their school day, Everyone Can Create gives teachers fun and meaningful tools to easily fold creativity skills into their existing lesson plans in any subject from coding to chemistry. Come to the Mānoa International Education Week Celebration on Tuesday, November 19 from 11:30am-2:00pm.

State Education Week 2019 runs from Sunday 20 October to Saturday 26 October. Students may feel the need to keep a distance from their teachers as it may seem “uncool”. The purpose of Education Week is to provide students a clear insight into the petroleum industry, to work together on a joint assignment, and to provide opportunities for students to form new friendships and extend their network.

Their message was simple: We will continue our efforts in improving education to make Ghanaian students as competitive as other students around the world”. Schools across the country participate in American Education Week during the week before Thanksgiving.