special educationIf your child is in a special education class, it is imperative that several things should be in order in order to maximize the learning conditions and subsequently their achievement. The IDEA mandates that each school district provides a continuum of placements and requires that the district annually provide to the department an assurance that a continuum of alternative placements are available to meet the needs of children with disabilities” (34 C.F.R. 300.115).

Educational programmes in special needs education may follow a similar curriculum as that offered in the parallel regular education system, however they take individuals’ particular needs into account by providing specific resources (e.g. specially trained personnel, equipment, or space) and, if appropriate, modified educational content or learning objectives.

This program is specialized for the graduates of Primary School Teacher Education, Psychology, and other Departments to become a professional teacher equipped with key competencies in planning, administering, assessing the learning, following-up the assessment results, performing counseling and training for students, conducting research, and developing professionalism in a sustainable manner.

Although the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was first passed in 1975 (originally called the Education for All Handicapped Children Act) and reauthorized under George W. Bush in 2004, its primary goals have remained similar all these years: to protect the rights of children with disabilities and to give parents a voice in their children’s education.

For candidates who require any adjustments to their exam, or would like to make the examiner aware of a disability or health condition, one of the following Special Needs Provision forms must be completed and submitted at the time of entry, along with appropriate√ā¬†supporting evidence (if required – please see the section below).special education