special educationAre you concerned that your child in special education may have Auditory Processing Disorder, because they seem not to understand verbal communication? In order to meet this goal, it is imperative for parents and care-givers of children with special needs and heads of special schools to hire good SEN teachers who will be instrumental in achieving the all round development of the learners. That’s because this legally binding document details a student’s annual learning goals as well as the special services and supports the school will provide to help him meet those goals.

Researchers at the University of Kentucky reviewed charter enrollment data for Houston Public Media and determined that the special needs gap between traditional public schools and charters is statistically significant. In my experience, a lot of children that have a disability develop negative behavior, because of frustration with their academics.

It is the written plan to address your child’s special needs and abilities. Some 2.4 million students in U.S. schools have been identified as having a learning disability.1 This is the largest disability category of students receiving special education. The responsibility of the Special Education Needs Teacher at Beacon Academy is to work closely with the homeroom teacher to support in the smooth and effective running of the SEN class.

Many children with learning disabilities have difficulties in particular skill areas, such as reading or math. Within the public schools, special educators work in a variety of settings, which include self-contained classrooms, resource rooms, and of course, general education classrooms.

The lecturers in this program have masters or doctoral qualifications in primary school education, and are supported by the certified primary school teachers as partners. This means the starting point for discussion should be the supports your child needs to succeed in a general education classroom.