special educationAre you the parent of a child with autism, a learning disability or a physical disability? In the ‘Guidelines on the reception and inclusion of foreign students’ (2014), the Ministry of education, university and research (Miur) has provided, beside a legislative frame, some suggestions for the organisation and teaching, to favour both entrance of foreign pupils at school and their success in their studies.

Besides administering Primary School Teacher Education and Early Childhood Teacher Education Study Programs, the Department of Pedagogy also administers the Professional Education Program of Primary Schools or Program Pendidikan Profesi Sekolah Dasar (PPG SD).

The reality is that one-on-one education for special education is appropriate given the situation, but we must also understand that if we take all the money and throw it into special ed to provide the one-on-one support needed to properly teach these kids, then the rest of the school will suffer.

Brian Friedlander is a licensed school psychologist with expertise in assistive technology and is an associate professor of education at the College of St. Elizabeth in Morristown NJ where he teaches courses in special education and assistive technology.special education

In 2009, the Ministry of education, university and research (Miur) has issued specific Guidelines for integrating pupils with disability at school These Guidelines provide practical suggestions to improve the integration of pupils with disability, within the legislative framework into force.